Lauren's Guide to New Who

So you want to be a Whovian?

This website is dedicated to what is referred to as "New Who", which includes everything since the reboot in 2005. Believe it or not, Doctor Who has been on the air for over 50 years! We are on our twelfth incarnation of the doctor and there is no announced plan for the series to end. It was stated in the past that the doctor will only be able to regenerate twelve times, but when the 50th anniversary episode featured "the war doctor" fans began to speculate otherwise. Either way, we whovians are used to the heartbreak of losing a doctor or companion.

How do you know when you become one?
  • You use "sonic" as a verb.
  • Your favorite color is TARDIS blue.
  • You know to never knock four times.
  • You always carry psychic paper.
  • You don't think of a pirate when you hear "Captain Jack".
  • You're cautious around angel statues.
  • You count shadows.
  • You recognize all of the actors later on in American movies.
  • Your Christmas isn't complete without an alien invasion.
  • You get frustrated when people write Dr. Who.
  • You turn any word ending in -ate into a dalek joke.
  • You think air from your lungs is an acceptable gift.
  • You pair your Converse with a suit.
  • You've mastered your version of a British accent.
  • You've had the Doctor Who theme as your ringtone.
  • You want a relationship like Amy and Rory.
  • You call beans evil.
  • You think of books as the best weapon in the world.
  • You know that John Smith is the Doctor.
  • You have a copy of a Van Gogh painting somewhere.
  • You find gas masks terrifying.
  • You still cry when you think of Ten and Rose.