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Illustrator Projects

56K Consulting
56K Consulting

I designed this logo and the 56K website to be modern and trendy. 56K Consulting specializes in cloud storage, virtual machines, and other operations-related things. I wanted the logo to have the same kind of style as start-ups who are coming up with ways to improve our future. Aaron and 56K are leading the way by utilizing the newest technologies to keep sites online.

Bagel Dogs
Bagel Dogs

One of my assignments in an early graphic design class was to create a brand identity for a new food truck. I chose to create a fun, retro food truck that served high-quality specialty hot dogs. I wanted the colors to be as fun and playful as the food. The shaggy dog is the mascot for Bagel Dogs.

Photoshop Projects

Cincy Scrum Magazine Design
Cincy Scrum

In the spring of 2015, I came up with an idea for a newsletter focusing on tech in the Cincinnati Area. Not many people realize that Cincinnati is a popular place for a tech start-up to be born. The goal of this newsletter would be to keep professionals and students up to date on upcoming tech meet-ups, talks, and conferences, as well as have interviews with the biggest names in the Cincinnati start-up world. I envision this being the go-to resource for designers and developers in Cincinnati looking to get more involved and stay up to date with local trends and news.

Ale 8 Advertisement
Ale 8

This is an example of a Photoshop morph I completed in the fall of 2015. The background is of scenery in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. I cut the hiker out of another picture to add him to this cliff and then added a bottle of Ale 8 to his right hand. I changed the levels of the photograph and added the Ale 8 logo to the top left portion of the ad.

Flash Projects

Vampire Smile

I created this video in Adobe Flash for the song "Vampire Smile" by Kyla La Grange. I wanted to focus on the heartbreak of the song, so I did just focus on the lyrics for some of the sections. Also includes a clip from "What We Do in the Shadows" that I edited in iMovie and, yes, that is Harry Potter.

Miscellaneous Projects

Type as Shape
Type As Shape

In my first semester as a web design major, I created this for my design principles class. It is a pattern created using two letters. Can you see which ones I used? (A & M)

Doctor Who Poster
Poster Project

For the final project in my design principles class, we had to incorporate both imagery and typography. As a Doctor Who fan, I have been in love with this quote since Eleven said it. I, too, am a "dreamer of improbable dreams". The design is made out of different kinds of cardstock on a piece of foam core. I cut the text out of two colors of card stock to draw more attention to "improbable". That is, after all, what the piece is primarily about - the heavy-looking TARDIS resting on a small cloud that is accessed by the broken staircase. I chose to do the piece in greys, blacks, and blues so that it would be peaceful and could encourage pleasant, but wonderful dreams.